Weight Loss Tips

How to lose 20 pounds quickly?

Drink Lot of Water! The best way to lose 20 pounds quickly is to drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet. Water helps us to transport extra waste from our bodies. Without water, our bodies retain extra waste and therefore gain weight. So, next time you go to grab a soda from the

How to know if I am Obese?

You can figure out your own body mass index (BMI) if you know your height and your weight. The formulas for calculating BMI are: BMI = (weight in pounds/height in inches squared) x 703 BMI = weight in kilograms/height in meters squared If your BMI is above 25 but below 30, you are considered overweight.

Do Diet Pills work permanently?

As such, many diet pills are basically designed as a way to increase your energy. Other diet pills tell your brain you are full (thus reducing your appetite), and others work internally to alter your metabolism. To find the best diet pills for your needs take a minute to review a few of the products