Adalat CC is a prescription medication used to control high blood pressure. The medication is a type of calcium channel blocker that helps to relax the blood vessels to make it easier for the heart to pump blood. Adalat comes in the form of an extended-release tablet that is usually taken once a day. Adalat has the active ingredient of nifedipine in it which is a prescribed medication used to treat high blood pressure or hypertension.

The tablets are extended release, which means they slowly release the medication evenly over time. Adalat is made by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Generic is made by a few different manufacturers and is sold under various names. Although Adalat does not cure high blood pressure, it can help control it and can decrease the risk of developing health problems associated with long-term high blood pressure. Adalat works by relaxing the blood vessels to improve blood flow. Some other uses of Adalat include treating preterm labor, the hiccups, and chest pain.

How to use Adalat CC Drugs

  • Adalat comes in tablet form and is taken by mouth, usually once a day.
  • Adalat should be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Because Adalat tablets are extended release, they should not be broken, crushed, or chewed. Be sure to swallow Adalat CC tablets whole.
  • Adalat should be taken at the same time each day to maintain an even level of the medication in your blood.

Cautions before use Adalat CC Drugs

  • Adalat can cause low blood pressure, especially in people who are also taking beta blockers.
  • If you are going to have any upcoming surgeries make sure with your healthcare provider and depending on the type of anesthetic, you may need to stop taking Adalat a few days before surgery.
  • Adalat can make chest pain worse or even cause heart attacks. This is more likely to occur in people with severe heart disease.
  • People who are taking Adalat along with a beta blocker have developed congestive heart failure (CHF). This is more likely to occur in people with a condition called aortic stenosis.
  • Adalat can cause water retention or edema. Because water retention can be dangerous in people with congestive heart failure, Adalat should be used with caution in people with this medical condition.
  • Adalat is not considered safe using during pregnancy.

Adalat CC Drugs Side Effects

The side effects which may arise due to the usage of Adalat are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Vertigo or a spinning sensation
  • A bloody nose
  • An irritated or runny nose
  • Frequent urination
  • Leg cramps or leg pain

Adalat CC Drugs Reactions and Overdose

Some Adalat drug interactions can alter the levels of certain drugs in your blood and cause your body to metabolize the drugs differently than intended. Among the drugs that Adalat can potentially interact with are certain antibiotics, beta blockers, and some seizure medications. Some of these interactions can increase your risk of side effects, such as low blood pressure, bleeding, and congestive heart failure.

Some symptoms of an Adalat CC overdose include dizziness, fainting, and difficulty breathing. Treating a recent overdose may involve pumping the stomach or administering certain medications.


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