Water Aerobics

It is not mandatory that to lose weight you have to be in the room or the ground only to do a successful exercise. While ignoring this statement, there is an exercise called water aerobics which is equally effective in shedding those extra kilos and adding some extra fun. This exercise uses cardio and strength training, as well as resistance training. You will be doing a good bit of cardio as you jog in the pool, or do laps. The strength training comes in the form of building your shoulder muscles, leg muscles, and core muscles as you go through the routine. Resistance training is a big part of water aerobics. Many professional swimmers complete a vigorous workout daily involving water aerobics for resistance training and to improve their performance.

The use of outside of equipment is a benefit to your routine, although not mandatory. Water aerobics equipment helps the swimmer maintain body alignment and improve performance; additionally the use of equipment can make for an overall more productive workout. The use of exercise equipment is a perfect way to increase leg and core strength during your workout. In this exercise there is a wide variety of equipment options available to improve your workout. Resistance bands and kick boards are the most common items that are used during a water aerobics workout. An Aqua jogger belt is also used in this process which is a great option to help increase weight loss during a workout. Use the Aqua jogger belt to tone the abdominal muscles and maintain correct posture. A great alterative to the common sit-up!

Steps or Poses

  • Water aerobics transform many body rhythmic movements and dance steps be completed in the water.
  • There are advanced programs as well as beginning programs teach the participants to perform arm or leg activities in different combinations.
  • The water aerobics often use some equipment; this is very useful in improving the exercise performance.
  • Many people all over the world have realized that water exercising and, in particular water aerobics weight loss exercise, can greatly help them improve their health as well as quality of life.

Water Aerobics Benefits

  • The greatest benefit about water aerobics is that it makes it very easy to exercise nearly every part of your body with the added bonus of putting less strain on your bones, muscles and body
  • The biggest advantage is that water aerobics is very low impact and so any normal exercises you might normally do, you can do in the pool and will benefit you just as much with much less risk to your body.
  • Water Aerobics is especially helpful to people that have injuries or for the older generation that sometimes struggle with aches and pains.


While doing water Aerobics make sure that you do these practices under strict supervision and especially do not do these exercises in deep water.