Generic Name:Testosterone

Testamone-100 is a medicated skin gel used for treating certain causes of low testosterone in men. It is available by prescription only and comes in the form of a skin gel. The gel is applied to the skin once daily, typically on the shoulders or upper arms. Testamone-100 has the generic name of testosterone is a prescription skin gel approved to treat low testosterone levels in men due to various causes. It is an anabolic steroid; as a result, it is classified as a controlled substance. Testamone-100 is licensed to treat low testosterone levels in men. It can be used to treat low testosterone that is caused by either problem in the brain or with the testes. Healthcare providers may also occasionally recommend the other uses of Testamone-100, such as for the treatment of low testosterone in women or slightly low but it is still considered normal testosterone levels in men.

How to Use Testamone-100 Skin Gel

  • The medication is a gel that is applied to the skin once daily. It comes in single-use tubes.
  • Apply Testamone-100 at the same time each day, preferably in the morning. Apply it to clean, dry, healthy skin on the shoulders or upper arms. Do not apply Testamone-100 to the genitals.
  • Make sure to wash your hands after applying the gel. Give the gel a few minutes to dry before you dress. Make sure to wait at least five or six hours before showering or swimming.
  • Be sure to cover the application site once the gel is dry with clothing to minimize contact with women or children. You should wash the area thoroughly before any skin-to-skin contact (such as for sexual intercourse).
  • Until the gel dries, it is flammable. Stay away from open flame until the gel is dry.
  • Ideally, the application site should not be washed for two hours after applying the gel, in order to give the medication a chance to be absorbed.

Cautions before Use Testamone-100 Skin Gel

  • This medication is not approved for use in women. It has not been adequately studied in women and can cause virilization which is the development of male characteristics, such as a deep voice or body hair in women.
  • Testamone-100 can cause or worsen an enlarged prostate. It also appears to increase the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Testamone-100 could be very dangerous if taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding phase of women.

Testamone-100 Skin Gel Side Effects

The side effects which may arise due to the usage of Testamone-100 are as follows:

  • High blood pressure
  • Breast development
  • Headache
  • Hot flashes
  • Insomnia
  • Watery eyes
  • Mood swings
  • Changes in the sense of smell
  • Taste changes
  • Spontaneous penile erections

Interactions and Overdose of Testamone-100 Skin Gel

There are a number of medications that can interact with Testamone-100. Some of the drugs that can interfere with the skin gel include insulin, warfarin, cyclosporine, or corticosteroids. These drug interactions could increase the risk of fluid retention, liver damage, dangerous bleeding, or other potentially serious problems.

Taking an overdose of Testamone-100 is likely to cause any of the usual side effects of the medication. The effects of an overdose will be greatest if the drug is applied to the skin; ingesting it by mouth is less likely to cause .Treatment for an overdose primarily involves immediate medical supportive care.


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