Generic Name:Lidocaine
Brand Name(s):Anestafoam

Anestafoam is a skin care product usually comes in the form of foam based skin cream, which is used commonly for the treatment of itching, soreness, minor burns, and minor cuts and is used to numb and treat inflammation of the urinary tract or urethritis. Anestafoam is a topical anesthetic that numbs mucus membranes. It does not work to numb thicker skin. Anestafoam is a skin care product that is usually prescribed by a health care professional to the area being treated or to the medical equipment as part of a medical procedure. It is having Lidocaine as an active ingredient in its composition. It is applied at the beginning of the procedure and takes 3-5 minutes for the numbing effect to occur. It is better to consult your health care professional if you have any questions about how to use this medication or perform your medical procedure. If used in the mouth or throat, avoid eating or chewing gum for at least 1 hour after use. The risk of choking or biting the tongue or cheek is greater when the mouth, tongue, or throat is numb.

How to use

The usage of Anestafoam skin care treatment is done under strict medical supervision. It is advised that the person should shake the bottle of Anestafoam skin care treatment well before use. The foam should be taken out after pressing the spout away from the contact of the eyes and on the palms, then the patient can apply that on the affected area. It is also suggested that the patients should wash the hands very carefully and immediately after the usage of the medicine and take care not to cover the affected area with any kind of bandage or cover and it may cause reactions or burning sensation. The affected area should not come under any kind of heat too.

Cautions before Using

It is suggested that some particular cautions should be taken before using Anestafoam skin carre treatment and they are as follows:

  • Any women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant should avoid using Anestafoam skin care treatment.
  • Any person who is taking any medicines in form of herbal supplements , vitamins, dietary supplements or any non prescribed drug , then they should consult their healthcare provider before using this.
  • Persons who are having any kind of skin irritations like itching, hives, redness or rashes should check their doctor before using Anestafoam skin care treatment.
  • Those who are having any kind of allergies due to anesthetic medicines, which can cause dizziness, should avoid this medicine.

Anestafoam Side affects

There are some side effects, which have been found during medical examinations of Anestafoam skin treatment, are as follows:

  • Redness or minor irritation on the affected area
  • Itching
  • Swelling of mouth, tongue and face
  • Blurred vision
  • Chest Pain
  • Drowsiness
  • Severe irritation

Reactions and Overdose

As Anestafoam skin care treatment interacts with blood so it is very essential to consult your doctor before using it. If you are using other anesthetic medicines then it may react with it very severely.

Overdose symptoms with this medicine may occur in forms of dizziness, drowsiness, irregular heartbeat etc.


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