Cleocin T Gel

Generic Name:Clindamycin
Brand Name(s):Cleocin T and Clindamax

Cleocin T skin care skin cream used as a prescribed treatment for bacterial infections on the skin. With the active ingredient of Clindamycin, CleocinT skin cream is proved to be an active skin care treatment for theses kind of skin ailments. This antibiotic works by preventing bacteria from growing and multiplying. It comes in several different forms, including capsules, skin products, vaginal suppositories, and injections. Brand name Cleocin T products are made by Pfizer, Inc. Generic versions are made by various manufacturers. This medication belongs to a group of antibiotics known as lincosamides. It works by inhibiting a specific area of bacterial ribosomes, which are parts of cells that make proteins. By inhibiting the ribosomes, Cleocin T interferes with the ability of bacteria to make proteins, a process that is necessary for the bacteria to grow and multiply. For the medicine to work properly, it must be taken as prescribed. It is suggested by the medical examiners that CLeocin T should not be any missed doses or any one should stop taking this antibiotic earlier than the healthcare provider stops recommends, as bacterial resistance may develop.

How to Use

If you have a bacterial infection, your dose of Cleocin will depend on several factors, such as the particular product, other medications you are taking, and the type and severity of your infection. This prescription medicine comes in several forms, including a lotion, gel, solution, capsule, cream, suppository, and injection.

When taking Cleocin T by mouth, it generally does not matter if you take it with or without food.For acne treatment, Cleocin T lotion, gel, or solution is usually applied to the skin once a day. For bacterial vaginosis, Cleocin T skin cream or suppository products are inserted vaginally once daily before bedtime.

Cautions before using

Some of the cautions and safety measures that are to be taken with Cleocin T are as follows:

Cleocin T should not be used to treat meningitis, as it does not adequately cross to the cerebrospinal fluid.

Make sure to watch for signs of this problem, which can lead to life-threatening complications, such as bloody diarrhea or severe diarrhea. Mild, short-term diarrhea is a common side effect of many antibiotics and is usually not a cause for concern.

Antibiotics can disrupt the normal bacteria in the digestive tract, allowing undesirable bacteria to overgrow. A serious problem known as pseudomembranous colitis may result and can occur while you are taking CleocinT or even weeks later.

Cleocin Side Effects

  • The possible side effects, which may occur due to use of Cleocin T, are as follows:
  • Severe or bloody diarrhea as this can occur with any Cleocin product and can occur while taking the medication or even several weeks after stopping it.
  • Yellow skin (jaundice), which may be a sign of liver problems
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Allergic reactions
  • Low blood pressure or cardiac arrest
  • Signs of kidney problems, such as unexplained or decreased in urine production

Reactions and Overdose

Several medications can cause negative drug interactions with Cleocin T, including erythromycin, neuromuscular-blocking medications, and the oral typhoid vaccine.

In case of any overdose happens with Cleocin T the patient must take n to the doctor.


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