Vitamins are obtained from food, because the human body either does not produce enough of them. Vitamins are natural substances that help your body with important tasks like growing and healing. Without them, your body can’t work properly and you may feel weak. Vitamins are taken to fill up Vitamin deficiency in the body. Vitamin deficiency can arise due to lack of vitamins, pregnancy, long term illness, anemia, ringworms, loss of blood and many other problems. There are several types of Vitamins are Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, B1, B2, prenatal etc.

Reasons, occurrence and Risk Factors

A vitamin deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t get a particular vitamin for an extended period of time. A deficiency disease can occur if a deficiency goes on for too long.
Our body needs Vitamins because of some major risk factors and body conditions:

  • Pregnancy and During Breastfeeding
  • After Long Term Illness
  • Ageing People
  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • Weak people
  • Children suffering from Malnutrition
  • People who consume less than 1600 calories
  • Weak bones
  • People who consume more alcohol and smoking
  • Have any kind of stomach problem which multiplies bacteria in the body


Symptoms of Vitamin deficiency may occur due to specific loss of Vitamins. As lack of Vitamin C may lead to catching cold and deficiency of Vitamin D may lead to weaker teeth and bones. If your odd symptoms linger even after you take reasonable amounts of vitamin supplements, probably something other than a lack of any one vitamin is to blame.
There are some symptoms of Vitamin deficiency are as follows:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Depression
  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Frequent minor colds or illnesses
  • Nerve Damage
  • Poor Night Vision
  • Rickets

Signs and tests

By having a vitamin examination done the patient will come to know about their body position with detail to several important vitamins and essential nutrients. The vitamin test profile measures several B vitamins and vitamin D and vitamin E as well as total Antioxidant function and the essential minerals calcium, magnesium and zinc.
A blood test is done to check the specific lack of Vitamins. Such blood tests are commonly used in alternative medicine schedules. Some of the studies look for nutritional deficiencies, measuring blood cell counts, glucose, cholesterol, major electrolytes, and both liver and kidney function.

The other Tests include

  • Antibodies Test
  • Methylmalonic acid test
  • Schilling test


Preventions of Vitamins can be fulfilled only through foods and this can be done by having a healthy and complete diet:

  • Try to have dark green leafy vegetables
  • Have more dried beans and peas
  • Eat enriched grain products, such as bread, cereal, pasta and rice
  • Consume more fruits and fruit juices
  • Have Eggs
  • Have Fortified foods, such as breakfast cereals
  • Consume Milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Eat white meats and shellfish
  • Eat seasonal fruits
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Have your vitamin supplements prescribed by your healthcare provider


Treatment of Vitamin deficiency involves eating a healthy diet and taking vitamin supplements as prescribed by your doctor. There are several Vitamin supplements which actually makes you better whereas vitamin deficiency is concerned.

Some common Vitamin supplements are Zymacap, Vinatal, Vi-stress etc.