How to Lose Weight Naturally

If our goal is to feel naturally energized during every waking minute of each day, if we follow our circadian rhythms closely, we will experience a greater energetic flow. Like nature, when the sun is highest in the sky, our body temperature is at its highest point of the day. This is when your body digests foods and burns fuel most efficiently. We have really complicated life by allowing ourselves to be sucked into the general "diet" beliefs, such as counting calories to lose weight, low-fat foods to lose weight, sugar-free foods to lose weight - the list goes on. But all you really need to know to lose weight naturally and effortlessly is what foods to eat, what exercise to do, and how to change the way you think about food.

There are several aspects which can help you to lose weight naturally:

Having no exercise is equivalent to not being healthy. Start up with simple walks early in the morning or attend an aerobic exercise.

Resting your body through sleeping is important. Getting adequate rest is important to ready yourself in an exercise, as well as to keep your metabolism in good working condition. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night. If you can’t, restructure your time table.

Having more Fiber
The more you eat fiber, the less chance of having constipation (decreased defecation). It boost your bowel movement, thus, eliminates waste products.

Have Lean Protein
Eat only those lean meats not the fatty part. You can also eat fish and beans.

Eat more often. 
Eating frequently like 5-6 small meals per day which will provide your body enough energy for the day. In short, your metabolism is increased thus, making it also a fat burning machine.

Eat breakfast.
Once we sleep, our body fasts for more than 5 hours, to break it, we must eat our breakfast. This will keep your body charged up for the day.

Limit alcohol.
Drinking little amount of alcohol is good for your heart. However, a great amount of alcohol can promote storage of fat in the body.

Drink Green Tea
Green Tea is known for boosting your metabolism. Before you sleep, drink this tea so that once you wake up the next morning, your body will eliminate waste keeping you feel light.

Try to have more Alkaline
Avoid acid forming foods are all processed foods, flesh foods, grains except millets, seeds. You should be eating a minimum of 80% alkaline forming foods each day. Try to have more sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, all raw fruit, veggies, almonds, sprouts.