How to lose weight and stay slim forever

The majority of people find themselves carrying additional fat once the holidays are over. Worst of all, most of them never lose this extra weight. If you are doing exercises and you notice that you are not losing weight but there are changes in your body, then do not be alarmed since this is normal. While you are exercising you are burning those calories while building up those muscles both at the same time. So even if you are losing weight when your body burns up calories, your muscles become heavier that is why you may not lose that much weight.

Exercise is not always the solution but taking proportionate foods and in a nutritional manner makes the real difference!

Follow these easy rules to stay slim

  • Get your body off the couch and moving. As with all weight loss regimens getting some form of exercise is good for losing weight as well as keeping it from coming back.
  • Focus on your food and enjoy the experience of eating. Watching TV or reading emails whilst you eat can lead to over-eating as you are eating absent-mindedly. It is better to sit down at the table for every meal, including snacks, and concentrate on the task at hand, eating. This helps you to feel more satisfied with your food.
  • Cut your portions if you want to lose weight. You can lose up to 20 kgs just by cutting portions by half. This way you do not have to go without any of the foods you love, but make sure to eat a lot less. You could cut your portion by a quarter instead of a half if this feels too drastic.
  • You can follow a crash diet as crash diets can be very useful though as a way to get you to start losing weight and motivate you to make changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.
  • To lose weight successfully you need to take account of your temperament, your motivational requirements, your metabolism and your lifestyle.
  • Eat breakfast as people wanting to stay slim should never skip breakfast, after hours of sleeping at night; your body is forced to fast until you wake up the next morning. Skipping breakfast will eventually make you eat more during the day as your body will demand the energy it needs for your daily functions. Make sure not to do it ever.
  • Do exercise It doesn’t mean that you need to put on your cross trainers and hit the gym to maintain that slimmer structure of your body.
  • To stay slimmer do not compromise with your favorite foods but instead of that look how much you are having.
  • Try to have fruits for the whole day once in a month for a slimmer body maintenance and detoxifying your body.