Slimming Tea Vs Diet Pills

As far as losing weight is concerned people try to adopt natural ways to fight the problem, but there are also some patient who want to get rid of the extra flab in lesser time and without any hard gym sessions and strict diet regime. There has been wide media reporting around the world about the benefits of herbal slimming tea. Most weight loss enthusiasts over the years have based their opinions on the fact that the Chinese have been drinking this Chinese slimming tea for thousands of years due to its miracle working abilities. It has been used by the Chinese for treating several illnesses including the treatment of minor headaches to a much rather larger issue such as preventing cancer.

Herbal slimming tea also contains antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals that plague the body. These free radicals are known to cause aging and cancer. Polyphenols which are present in green tea thus continuously search for these free radicals and prevent them from forming unbalanced oxygen molecules in a process called oxidation. Absences of these processes have been linked to illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and even strokes. The polyphenols present in green tea has also been known to prevent abnormal cells in our body and help destroy most cancer causing agents.

Whereas for the fast movers, who want to reduce their weight on another way can try an online cheap drug called Didrex. Didrex, is an anorectic with the generic name of Benzphetamine currently approved by the FDA to encourage weight loss in people suffering from obesity and is currently prescribed for short term use. Its effects are very well documented and it has been shown to promote short term weight loss in most cases, but there are also a handful of unpleasant side effects mostly due to the fact that its chemical makeup is very similar to amphetamine. Its main use is to reduce one’s appetite before every meal, which supposedly decreases the amount of calories eaten during the day.

When exercise and diet are not enough, discussing alternatives with your physician is a smart solution. The use of anti-obesity drugs (anorectics) may be one option to consider. Like most drugs, however, it comes with its benefits and side effects, along with risks that may increase the instances of certain symptoms. Although it is up to you and your physician to decide which drug fits your lifestyle the best, educating yourself about a drug beforehand also helps in the decision process. Here is what you should know about Didrex.