Smoking and Weight Loss

Most people who quit smoking worry about gaining weight. It seems to go with the territory. While a small gain is normal, excessive weight gain when you quit smoking can create new health problems and erode your determination to stay off cigarettes. Learn what you can do to keep your weight under control as you go through the process of recovery from nicotine addiction.

Many people are aware of the fact that smoking cigarettes can lead to weight loss especially in the aged people. But cigarette smoking for a longer duration can also lead to weight gain. This is because of the excessive amount of sugar contained in the cigarettes. Tobacco is being an addictive agent which can lead to faster weight loss. When it comes to smoking and weight loss, thinking that cigarettes directly make you shed pounds is unwise.

When it comes to smoking and weight loss, smoking can definitely lead to weight loss by affecting the vital systems and changing the way they function. It can lead to weight loss in a person by acting as an appetite suppressant. It can also rev the metabolic rate and lead to weight loss. It leads to burning of calories as a result of which weight can be reduced. However, this cannot be considered to be the right way to lose weight as it can produce harmful side effects by triggering other reactions.

The body can function to its optimum level only through exercise and a healthy diet. A person, who is a chain smoker can always change his ways to a better or healthier lifestyle through some amount of effort. This can in turn even offset the bad effects gained through smoking. The smoker has to make changes to his lifestyle quickly; otherwise some negative effects of smoking may become irreversible.

In some cases people go for online prescription drugs like lonamin and Adipex which are also appetite suppressants and thus lead to weight loss. These medicines actually control your mind and cravings which lessen in food intake. These medicines do have a side effect but those can be stopped if taken proper precautions. These online prescription weight loss drugs can be taken proper diet chart and exercise which shows a higher success rate in positive outputs. Weight loss in cigarette smokers may occur at a more rapid in residents who smoke compared with non-smokers. Similarly, weight gain occurs at a slower rate in smokers. Smoking cessation should be encouraged as a critical adjunct to nutritional intervention in nursing home residents with nicotine dependence and weight problems.