Generic Name:Terbutaline

Terbutaline is a prescribed medication used for treating emphysema and asthma in both adults and children. The medication has been approved for the treatment of childhood asthma in children ages 12 and older. Terbutaline is also occasionally used for treating preterm labor. Terbutaline is sold under the generic name prescription drug that is licensed for the treatment of emphysema and asthma. By causing muscles around the airways to relax, the medication can open up the airways and help improve breathing. Terbutaline, which is available only in generic form, comes as an oral tablet that is generally taken three times a day. Terbualine is also available in the form of inhaler to be used in asthmatic attacks.

How to Use Terbutaline Tablets

  • Terbutaline comes in tablet form and is taken by mouth three times a day.
  • The medication can be taken with or without food. If terbutaline bothers your stomach, try taking it with food.
  • Terbutaline should be taken at the same times each day to maintain even levels of the drug in your blood.
  • For the medicine to work properly, it must be taken as prescribed. Terbutaline will not work if you stop taking it.

Cautions before Use Terbutaline Tablets

  • Terbutaline can have a stimulatory effect on the heart and blood pressure. A fast heart rate, high blood pressure (hypertension), and irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias) may occur though low blood pressure (hypotension) is also possible. If you have heart disease or high blood pressure then you should not take this medication.
  • People with an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or epilepsy should use caution when taking Terbutaline.
  • Terbutaline is not a fast-acting asthma medication and cannot replace fast-acting rescue inhalers. Do not use Terbutaline to treat an asthma attack.
  • Terbutaline has been used to treat and prevent preterm labor during pregnancy as it may be risky during pregnancy and delivery.

Terbutaline Tablets Side Effects

The side effects which may arise due to the usage of Terbutaline are as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Flushing or hot flashes
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Weakness
  • Increased sweating
  • Headache
  • Fast heart beats

Interactions and Overdose of Terbutaline Tablets

Among the drugs that can potentially cause drug interactions with terbutaline are monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), beta blockers, tricyclic antidepressants, and certain diuretics. Some of these interactions with terbutaline may increase your risk of serious side effects or reduce the effectiveness of some drugs. You should be sure to talk with your pharmacist or healthcare provider about any terbutaline interactions that may apply to you.

Symptoms of an overdose with terbutaline may include a rapid heart rate, dizziness, and chest pain. Treatment involves medical supportive care to the patients.


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