Half Moon Yoga: For a Slimmer Waist

When most people think of yoga, they think of calm, relaxation, and stress relief. While yoga will most definitely give you all those things with regular practice, it can help you lose belly fat and may reduce all your problems of wearning those oversize jeans. All of the asanas work your core muscles, but there are a few yoga asanas for a flat stomach. Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon is such a posture or asana which is great for stomach obesity and lower back pain. Start with both feet side by side and touching and your hands together at the chest. As you inhale, raise your arms above your head keeping your hands together. Arch backwards similar to a half moon. Be sure to keep your arms alongside your ears for proper posture.

Half Moon Yoga Steps or Poses

  • Kneel on your left leg, put your right hand on your right hip, and support your upper body with your left arm; make sure your left wrist is directly under your shoulder. Put padding under your left knee if you need it.
  • Raise your right leg to the height of your hip, keeping it straight and extended outward, as you open your trunk to the right. This is the starting position. Sculpt your belly in and up so that your abdominal muscles help support you in this position. You should be looking to your right.
  • Exhaling to a count of four, lower your right foot to the ground as you turn your head to look down. Keep your right foot flexed and engaged throughout this step. You can lower your right leg halfway if bringing it to the floor is too difficult.
  • Inhaling to a count of four, raise your right leg and turn your head to the starting position. Move slowly while you concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing.
  • Do these exercises six to eight times, pause to rest, and then do another six to eight repetitions.

Half Moon Yoga Benefits

  • The Half Moon is a pose of concentration and balance that fires the nerves of your brain. The pose is as much about balance and stability as it is about strength.
  • It is very good for ladies as it makes the waist size slimmer.
  • This asana works every part of your legs and buttocks and also strengthens your arms. The Half Moon will leave your body and mind fully invigorated.

Half Moon Yoga Precautions

  • While doing this asana don’t force your body too much to bend, it can damage or hurt the muscles.
  • Half moon should be practiced after 3 hours of having meal.