Focus on Your Overall Weight through Sukhasana Yoga

When you are becoming bigger in size, you are within the realm of company. Because of the lifestyles we live, many more people eat the foods that are holding more calories. The days of the active person are slipping away and the television is taking up the hours and providing a place for more food to be eaten. The bad habits of eating, the stress of the everyday life, the missing ability to exercise, is all the problems that are leading to the extra weight that a lot of us now have. Only when the lifestyle is changed for the better is it to become a healthier life and giving you the ability to be more physical, mental and emotional in your strength.

Sukhasana or the Butterfly is really useful to provide strengthening to the spine lengthening of leg muscles making them strong as well as vastly providing them with the strength to bear on the weight of the whole body. Also there are few various asanas which were when performed they bring about the reduction of accumulated fat while enacting on the specific areas that are though very prone to accumulation of fat.

Sukhasana Yoga Poses

  • You should sit on a high enough height so that the knees are no higher than the frontal hip bones.
  • To lengthen the spine, focus on pressing sit bones down to the floor as you reach the crown of the head upward. Your sternum lifts and moves forward while you relax and drop the shoulders. The spine should be kept extended and perpendicular with the floor throughout.
  • The feet may have a tendency to creep forward or back under the thighs, but try to keep them under the knees where you cannot see them.
  • Make it even and balanced all around. You may want to reach down and pull the buttock flesh on each side out and to the back to create more support. Roll the thighs inward as the buttock flesh move outward. Widen the sit bones as best you can.

Sukhasana Yoga Benefits

  • This asana will open the hips and groin muscles and helps to control the overall body weight.
  • From butterfly or Sukhasana the spine lengthens and postural awareness deepens. The posture accelerates meditation and pranayama and reduces stress level.
  • Sukhasana helps the person to be more peaceful and self-aware of the inner body and breathing.
  • The lower back strengthens from doing this asana.

Sukhasana Yoga Precautions

  • If you have had a knee or hip injury, don’t do this pose unless it was a long time ago and is currently fine.
  • Be calm with your body and listen to it as you do the posture. Be careful of the knees, the hips, lower back and ankles. Use supports as necessary. A yoga teacher can help you make the pose comfortable.