Pranayama Yoga

In today’s world, we are bounded with stress inducing factors that truly takes a toll on our way of breathing. Our lack of physical activities, constant stress due to responsibilities, work, traffic and others lead to a seriously unhealthy lifestyle and shallow breathing. Pranayama yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on proper breathing techniques and controlling breath. Breath is our body's most vital source of energy. Without breath and air, we cease to exist. This type of yoga helps us learn how to utilize our lungs to its full capacity and drive in the much needed oxygen into our blood, body and brain. And ultimately we fall of some problems called hypertension, diabetes, and most importantly being overweight.

Pranayama Yoga Steps or Poses

  • Yoga pranayama is done in the early morning and late evening. By beginning with 14-16 cycles in the morning and 14-16 cycles in the late evening you will take the required steps to open up energies,
  • A cycle of yoga pranayama is a focused in breath and focused outbreath. Quality yoga pranayama has three keys or supports. Breathing with mental activity is necessary.
  • Breathing which opens the spiritual energy and nadi systems 3. Focused activity which has the ability to calm the mind, and allow Samadhi known as the divine union with Soul and God. One simple yoga pranayama is the mastery of mental counting while breathing in and out.
  • A good rule of thumb is to count up during inhalation as high as you can count. On expiration count out and the expiration should be twice that of the in breath. If you were able to count up to 12 during your inhalation, then the exhalation should be trained to be a 24 count. If the in breath was 5 the exhalation would be a count of 1-10.

Pranayama Yoga Benefits

Pranayama helping people relieve stresses in their life. Practitioners of this yoga learn how to concentrate on the positives instead of the negatives.

Long and regular practice of Pranayama can truly help the parasympathetic nervous functions. Actively getting involved in this practice can significantly lower your blood pressure, develop bodily functions.


  • Do not do yoga pranayama less than 1 hour after eating or drinking lots of fluids.
  • Do not begin too early to add additional yoga pranayama such as only do 14-16 cycles in the morning and evening.
  • And add small amounts or yoga pranayama (cycles) every few months
  • Do not retain or hold the breath. Likely the most powerful yoga pranayama is something which helps with abundance.