Keep Yourself fit through Dhanurasana Yoga

In the early times, when gyms were not developed, people performed some simple type of exercises easily to keep them fit. Staying healthy and fit should be mandatory for every person, especially in today's modern world. When you work out often, eat healthy and take a good sleep, then there are no chances that you will fall sick. One can go to the gym, take a jog, go for walking or do a powerful yoga. There are so many various types of exercises which a person can perform in order to lead a healthy life. Yoga is one of the best ways to take a step towards staying healthy for sure. This type of fitness practice allows a person to get mental, physical and spiritual control in their body.

There are so many effective asana involved in it which is not only healing your body from the outside, but from the inside too. Yoga asanas are the main part of this regime. The ancient guru’s had invented so many of them which are excellent to keep your mind, body and soul in the perfect manner. A few of yoga asanas are Dharunasana, shirshasana, trikonasana, garudasana, and many more. One can practice all these by visiting a person who teaches them in an expert way.

Dhanurasana is an asana where the person shapes the body in a shape of a bow.

Steps or poses of the Dhanurasana Yoga

  • Lie on the support of your abdomen or stomach
  • Bend both the legs in knees and hold onto them 6 to 8 inches away from each other.
  • Keep both the legs inflexibly near the ankles.
  • Exhale & inhaling pull the legs upward with the hands, allow the body to be stretched in a curve, push the neck backwards.

Dhanurasana Yoga Benefits

  • This asana helps to keep the kidney work well and keep them free from forming any stones.
  • Dhanurasana is an important asana to keep your back and thigh muscles strong and firm.
  • It is also found to be very helpful for diabetics and those with constipation problems.
  • This asana includes involving muscles of groins, stomach, trunk, backbone, shoulders and neck. Thus are increases the ability of flexibility of almost entire body.

Dhanurasana Yoga Precautions

  • Persons who are suffering from back pains, Tuberculosis, hernia or having an intestinal ulcer are advised to not to follow this asana.
  • People who have an ailment related to any of the abdomen or stomach are restricted from doing this asana.
  • You should do this exercise in a relaxed manner and should save yourself from any unwanted shaking and jerks.